A Nightmare on
Congress Street IX

The Nightmare Begins in

Sold Out

Halloween Themed
Bar Crawl
& Costume Contest

Saturday, Oct 29, 2022

"A Nightmare on Congress Street IX", a Halloween Themed Bar Crawl is Savannah's largest, creepiest and scariest bar crawl along Savannah's eeriest strip and includes entry to a $2,000 costume contest & more!

Sold Out

$2,000 Costume Contest

$2,000 will be given away at Savannah's largest COSTUME CONTEST! All crawlers are automatically entered once registered. A photographer will be taking contestants' photos near registration at The Crypt, on the official event backdrop, of all who wish to enter.


  • 1st Place: $1,000
  • 2nd Place: $600
  • 3rd Place: $400
  • People's Choice:
    Bar Crawls FREE for a Year

Tickets Include

A Bar Crawl tickets include free cover and drink specials at each of the following participating locations:

At check-in you'll receive a bar crawl themed koozie, a scorecard and the first 200 people to finish the bar crawl will get a complimentary t-shirt at the ending bar.
You do not need to complete the bar crawl in order to participate in the costume contest. Each “A Nightmare on Congress Street” participant has the opportunity to win the $2,000 costume contest. Please provide our photographer your name, phone number, and your "costume" so we can contact the winner. The winner will be chosen by judges and contacted the following week.  People's choice is based on how many likes you receive on your photo which will be posted in our Facebook Photo Album.

Drinking is 100% optional! Although this is a "bar crawl", that doesn't mean you are required to drink to participate. You do not have to purchase drinks at any bar in order to participate, get your scorecard stamped AND earn your "Bar Crawl" t-shirt. SHIRTS LIMITED TO THE FIRST 200 PEOPLE WHO COMPLETE THEIR SCORECARDS. If you do choose to drink, please drink responsibly.

How Does A Bar Crawl Work?

Participants meet at their starting bar and at their own pace slowly move through their list of participating bars. Each bar has an incredible list of drink specials that are only available to those participating. Along the way, meet other patrons through the crawl while collecting lots of bar crawl themed swag. Once you've checked-in with each of the bars off your list, race on down to the after party to pick up your t-shirt!

The Objective

To have fun! Complete your scorecard by visiting each participating bar and be one of the first crawlers to receive a t-shirt. As you enter the venue, the doorman or bartender will “mark” their respective bar’s section of your scorecard. You do not have to purchase a drink to have your scorecard marked. We've hand selected some of the best destinations this town has to offer, giving you a fully packed and inclusive experience with a great community of people.

Meet People, Have Fun!

Come with a group of friends or crawl alone and meet some of the awesome people this community has to offer. Whether you're new to the area, just visiting or have lived here your entire life, we have something for everyone! The after party might seem like the end, but that's where the real fun happens! Stick around and share your experience with others.

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